adidas Originals Nizza 20210810

It’s really beautiful. No matter whether it’s genuine or not, I’m more concerned about the comfort and appearance. The quality is very good. I don’t think it’s bad. I don’t think it’s uncomfortable in the middle of the foot. I don’t think it will grind the heel. Maybe I prefer to wear stockings. It’s just that the heel is a little short and easy to drag. It may take a few months to make a comment after a period of time… Not very often

I like it very much. It’s very comfortable to wear, and I don’t feel like grinding my feet. I also like the powdered ones. My upper feet are not as fat as the pictures. Anyway, I’m very satisfied with them. I bought 38.7, which seems to be the size. But it doesn’t matter. It’s ok if the laces are tight. Generally speaking, I like them very much. I feel very thoughtful I tried it several times in the evening, but I haven’t worn it out yet. I feel very beautiful. I like it. I like it

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