adidas NEO Lite Racer 20210805

Ah Di and Nike shoes must wait for activities to buy, 214 yuan absolute value, comfortable and breathable version is good, also can wear clothes. Suggest 499 price don’t buy, quality absolutely can’t see value of this price, will regret. Don’t rub it with water when you encounter ash. It’s obviously dirty, but it’s still good-looking. The flat shoes are 37, and this is just 37. It’s recommended to use what size is usually and what size is now

I have been buying ADI’s things in this store. The delivery is normal and the logistics is very fast. These shoes are very comfortable to wear, but I don’t know if they will wear their feet for a long time. Follow up to see, it should be authentic. So there should be no problem giving a good review. It’s just that the shoes are a little bit old. They were made in September, 17… Hope not to degumm too early!!!

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